We plan all stage of fashion planning and consulting such as marketing research, production and sale for your company.
  1. Analyze the fashion information We collect and analyze the information of trend of colors and fabrics from the Yarns and Fabrics fair in foreign countries, designer collections and marketing research. And also, we get the latest news of foreign fashion from the designers live in overseas.
In the country, gathering and analysis the information from the market research in Tokyo and our company broad network.
This information is compiled and published as followings:FASHION DIRECTION (theme of fashion, trend of colors and fabrics) twice a year,PARIS MILAN MARKET RESEARCH (report with 100 show window's photos) twice a year,TOKYO MARKET RESEARCH (report with 70 show window's photos) four times a year.
  2. Business enterprise strategy We plan client's business enterprise strategy based on analysis of the trend of foreign and domestic fashion and marketing. Also, we set up the target of strategy from short period to long period and consulting it.
In accordance with the strategy, we are consulting of the computer use in the fashion business including the digitization of the communication.
  3. Planning the concept of a brand We help planning the concept of a brand of your company. We propose you setting up the target, making image of a brand, annual products development, systems of produce, channels of sales and sales promotion.
  4. Planning the merchandise Weset up the theme of merchandising based on the strategy such as cassette merchandise, monthly merchandise and weekly merchandise, and then, we propose you colors and fabrics development, construction of items, design of each items and style co-ordination.
  5. Planning and developing materials We plan a new project of materials (color, color scheme, texture, and pattern and fabrics coordination). Also, we develop original materials for you team up with textile companies.
  6. Making paper patterns Pattern makers contract with us make draping and paper pattern for you.
  7. Making samples Our cooperate garment manufacturing factory and knitting factory make knitted fabrics and sample garments.
  8. Production management We advise you a global production management; for example, we introduce you some factories (domestic and foreign), purchase and produce some materials from France and Italy utilizing our foreign network. Also, we manage some productions in Southeast Asia based on Hong Kong and Shanghai.
  9. Sales promotion We plan sales promotion based on your concept of brand, a fashion show, making a catalog, home page on the web and some sales promotion tools.
We think the fashion planning is not only design or feeling. The time of fashion now needs a certain system construction, which include strategy of image, production and circulation. We aim a global presentation of fashion based our career, knowledge and the network of professional people of fashion in the country and abroad.
And, attempt the promotion of the digital presentation corresponding to the age of the IT revolution.
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