From the classical vintage style to the future-like simple style: in 2006 Spring & Summer, from the dark to the light and from the past to the future, then cheerfully, lightly and clean clothes spread out reflecting the consumer mentality that tries to find a light sign in confusion. Even if it is light, it is not ultimate cheerfulness, but it is a pure and disillusioned image like finally comes out of the dark cloud and seems to look over around.
The fabric tendency reflects the come up of the modern taste of 2006 Spring & Summer, and shifts from the soft natural cotton and the touch of simple linen of 2005 Spring & Summer to the natural fabrics with dry touch. Transparent fabric decreases and the revolution to the shape is reflected on the fabric such as the tension and future like image or give light volume. The contrast of the various elements becomes important more and more. Simple and feminine, loose and fit, softness and hardness of the fabric give the all that tastes into one clothes. Dropping an extra thing, the tendency of more than one material mixture goes on. The technique that added to the elaborate embroidery in part is comings up and mixing with the lace or the tulle.
  1. The natural fabrics with dry touch 
Crispy clean cotton or linen is coming up. A feeling of dryness and smooth in freshly-washed is the point such as the poplin, the voile, the gauze and the crepe.
  2. The fabrics making shape
The revolution to the shape is reflected on the material such as the tension and future like image or gives light volume with the metal thread and the elastic material. Also, luster fabric such as the taffeta and the metallic are in the future-like form by crispness.
  3. Decorative fabrics and the pattern
Laces increase as a decorative fabric that is made contrast with the clean and plain fabrics such as the eyelet lace, the batten lace, the chemical lace, the embroidery lace and the tulle lace.
Pays attention to the pattern of the tropical and folklore image such as the paisley, the tropical flower (hibiscus), the unevenness dyeing, the graphical and the jungle pattern.
A loose silhouette disappeared and a Shape revived. The relaxation feeling is added during a body- conscious by partial composure and a natural material. There are the lines of fit and flare that squeezes from bust to waist and bottom flared, the high waist and the tent line of micro-mini.
1.Sheath line 2.Tent line 3.Fit & flare 4.Boxy & natural
The silhouettes of the puffed sheath line is coming up by the flow of the modernism revival.
Pays attention to this season's tent line that is high waist switching and the puff sleeve.
Comparison with the lingerie TOP and the volume bottom. The shape of the long torso is fresh.
The Boxy line has the natural feeling in the sharpness such as the shirt-dress and the easy tailored jacket.
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